WriteOrDie: How to make sure you get that essay finished NOW!

Here’s a way to make sure you motivate yourself to finally complete that 3,000 page essay.


The app – for Windows, Mac and Linux – aims to get you writing by providing either rewards for getting work down or consequences if you end up just procrastinating.

The full programme from writeordie.com costs $20 to buy but there is a free online demo version available.

The full version allows you to customise pretty much every aspect, allowing yourself to set up the perfect writing environment with no distractions but plenty of motivations.

The app also has some pretty cool stats so you can check your progress: Beyond the obvious word count you can see just how much you’re writing on average and therefore how long until you’re done.

And the handy desktop gadget will also auto-save all your work so you’ve no need to worry about ever losing anything to the computer again.