Cure presentation nerves: 7 ways to make giving presentations easier

Giving a presentation can be a daunting prospect for most of us so here’s our how to guide to stop you literally s**tting yourself.

Take your time and REMEMBER TO BREATHE

It can be tempting to just go on on and on as fast as possible in the hope of getting it over with quicker but it won’t work. Stay calm and take breaths. Don’t worry about pauses or silences so long as they don’t go on for so long that they become awkward.

Know your presentation inside out

A good presentation is one you know: From the slides to your notes and the transitions. There shouldn’t be too much content to memorise completely so you’re not continually looking down at cue cards or turning your back on the audience to read your own presentation.


Practice in front of friends and family

Once you’ve got what you’re going to say figured out begin practicing your presentation. Some like to simply present to themselves in a mirror while others skip straight to a small group of family or friends, in any case the key is to start small and grow the audience as you gain confidence.


On the day of presentation take a bottle of water and keep yourself hydrated as you prepare to speak. You don’t want to have a dry mouth!

Just don’t go overboard with the water else you might really end up weeing yourself which would be VERY embarrassing. (So a friend told us)

Fake it

Even if inside you’re terrified, you don’t have to let others know. Maintain eye contact with your audience (that does NOT mean a menacing stare) and avoid looking down at any notes or just the floor in general.

Prepare answers for questions

Prepare in advance for questions both from teachers and other students. While you obviously cannot predict everything that may be asked you should have a fairly good idea of some likely queries that may pop up.

Of course if you do really know your presentation inside out then you should be able to answer any questions off the cuff anyway!

one more thing steve jobs

One more thing… remember you’re not Steve Jobs

At the end of the day you’re not going to be perfect and mistakes do and will happen. Your tutors will also be well aware of this and so they’re not going to expect a presentation as polished as Steve jobs would give. Put yourself at ease by remembering it’s not life or death!