Stop time wasting! Top 5 time management apps to use

Exams and looming and time is running out to squeeze in all that last minute revision: Here are 5 apps to help you manage your time better.


RescueTime is a great tool for analysing what you’re doing with your time. The app, once installed, will run in the background and provide with cool reports and summaries of what you are actually doing when at your computer. It’ll highlight your daily habits by tracking time spent on programmes and websites, allowing you to create an accurate picture of your day and make yourself more productive.

> RescueTime



The FocusBooster app is based on the pomodoro time management technique which sees work broken down into 25-minute long Pomodoro sessions. FocusBooster acts as a Pomodoro timer that will help become more productive and improve your work life balance.

> FocusBooster

Remember The Milk

This bizarrely but aptly named app is a brilliant online and simple ‘to do list’ that allows you to create virtual notes across your computer, mobile and tablet so you’ll never forget anything again. At least, that’s the theory.

> Remember The Milk


Clear is another To Do this app that has various functions from personal and straight forward to do lists to making quick notes like phone numbers or creating regular shopping lists. As the title suggests, it’s Clear and uber simple to get started with.

> Clear on the AppStore

Daily Agenda

Daily Agenda is app that brings together all of your important events from your calender in a central display. It’ll help you plan your day and track your time with the ultimate goal of keeping you focused on each task at hand.

> Daily Agenda on the AppStore


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