Revise for a presentation: 7 ways to give a killer slideshow

Few people actually like having to give a presentation but you may need to if you want a top grade.

In reality, oral presentations are pretty easy marks to get for what boils down to usually speaking for no more than 10 minutes.

However almost all of us get nervous so here’s some top tips to giving a killer presentation…


Realise it’s okay to be nervous

First things first: Make yourself realise that you’re not alone and it’s perfectly normal to be worried about facing large crowds. It doesn’t come naturally to most people so just take a deep breath and get on it with the task in hand.

Plan and prepare meticulously

The best way to a top presentation is to plan it all out in rather fine detail. Know what you’re going to say and what’s on your slides (if there are any at all!) like the back of your hand. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse until it’s sunk in. Make yourself some cue cards to hold with some little reminders in case you do forget but these should only be used as a last resort.


Be ready for questions

Prepare in advance for questions both from teachers and other students. While you obviously cannot predict everything that may be asked you should have a fairly good idea of some likely queries that may pop up.

Of course if you do really know your presentation inside out then you should be able to answer any questions off the cuff anyway!

Start speaking to smaller groups

Once you’ve got what you’re going to say figured out begin practicing your presentation. Some like to simply present to themselves in a mirror while others skip straight to a small group of family or friends, in any case the key is to start small and grow the audience as you gain confidence.

Stay hydrated

On the day of presentation take a bottle of water and keep yourself hydrated as you prepare to speak. You don’t want to have a dry mouth!

Just don’t go overboard with the water else you might really end up weeing yourself which would be VERY embarrassing. (So a friend told us)


Stay calm and don’t forget to breath

It can be tempting to just go on on and on as fast as possible in the hope of getting it over with quicker but it won’t work. Stay calm and take breaths. Don’t worry about pauses or silences so long as they don’t go on for too long that they become awkward.

Keep eye contact

Finally be sure to look at your audience. This doesn’t mean a menacing stare but just maintain eye contact and avoid looking down at any notes or just the floor in general.

What are some of your tips for dealing with presentations? Add them below!