How NOT to revise: 3 revision mistakes we’ve all made

Exam revision isn’t just about doing it right, it’s also about not doing it wrong and with that in mind here are three mistakes we’ve all made when revising.

Not taking breaks

If you just try and cram in as much revision as you possibly can then there will always come a point where none of it is actually sinking in. Sure, you may have been reading for ten hours straight, but can you actually remember what you read 6 hours ago?

Take small, regular breaks every hour or two and allow time for bigger breaks. Make sure you don’t forget to eat, stretch your legs and drink plenty of water – ditch the RedBull!

Leaving it all to the last minute

You may be able to get away with leaving your revision to the last minute for some of your GCSEs, but at A-Level and above you’re going to struggle with nothing more than a last minute cramming session.

Start revision from the moment you start learning: Make up cheat sheets and flash cards as you study topics in class for future reference, and take a day to look back over your notes every month or so in the build up to your exam.

Once you’ve got your exam date then aim to try and plan give yourself at least a month’s worth of revision in the run up.

Just reading

Many people equate revision to simply reading, whether it be books, notes or slides, but variety is more fun and will get all parts of your brain working. Other revision techniques to try include answering questions on mock papers, writing up flash cards or watching videos.

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