GCSE Science revision: Resources, notes and guides – 6 top resources

GCSE Science is one of the three key GCSE subjects you really need to pass so with that in mind here’s our ultimate revision resource guide.

When it comes to beginning your revision for GCSE Science in 2014 here’s all the resources you could probably ever need, and all (mostly) for free!


The CGP books are arguably the creme de la creme in GCSE revision resources but may set you back a bit. They’re available in all different flavours so make sure to buy the right one for the exams you’re sitting.

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The BBC classic is still going strong and they’ve recently updated to provide notes for the new exams. The website covers pretty much everything with guides and resources on the AQA, OCR and Edexel exams in Core Science, Additional Science and Triple Science.

This website provides brilliantly detailed notes and exercises for GCSE (and while we’re at it, A-Level) students. The notes are split into Biology, Physics and Chemistry sections and cover most of the content across the various exam board offerings.

A premium paid website that offers videos, notes, resources, practice questions and even revision timetables for GCSE science students.


myGCSEscience‎ on YouTube
There are plenty of websites offering online GCSE Science revision notes but few video sources. The YouTube Channel myGCSEScience, linked to above, offers plenty of interactive and regularly updated video content that covers the major exam boards but has a particular focus on the AQA Core science and Additional Science courses.

GCSE Science Past papers

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A must revision tip for any subject: Challenging yourself with past papers is a good way to revise and Science is no different. Once you know your exam board and exam, check out their website for some past papers to practice before marking yourself:

AQA past papers

Edexcel past papers

OCR past papers