GCSE Maths revision: Handy resources to help you revise

Argh, Maths revision! It’s neither nice nor pretty, but we’ve put together a list of top resources to help you this GCSE exam season.

While these Maths revision resources are aimed specifically at GCSE level, you may find them helpful at A-Level and even University level too, if only to brush up on your skills.

Maths revision websites

Let’s start with some handy websites to help you revise GCSE Mathematics.

BBC Bitesize – While not a completely in depth resource, the BBC’s Bitesize GCSE guide is a good way to start your revision by going over the basics.

GCSE.com – This website has a huge amount of GCSE maths revision materials in simple to follow step-by-step guides. The content is very handy for creating your own flash cards containing the all important information.

StudyMaths.co.uk – This resource has a load o GCSE maths revision worksheets on almost every topic that will come up in the exam. You don’t need to waste your time consulting mark schemes, with instant feedback given on the website.

mathsrevision.net – A good website for studying Maths in general, but this URL has a particular strong set of resources on the Stats modules (if applicable to your course).

revisionworld.co.uk – Another good overall GCSE maths revision website, but in particular a very helpful guide on answering your GCSE maths coursework.

GCSE Maths revision videos

Maths is very much a hands on subject where you really need to understand what’s going on to get a good grade and that’s something hard to learn through text alone. Fortunately, the brilliant YouTube user jayates79 has uploaded various how-to tutorial videos on several aspects of maths, from trigonometry and simultaneous equations.

Math revision apps

Of course, even for revision, there’s an app for that!

Publishers of several revision books and guides, Collins, has several apps to help you revise maths. Split into several topics such as Number, Algebra and Stats, the phone and tablet applications contain questions, flash cards and revision tips. Unfortunately, they’re not free, but at £2.49 they don’t break the bank and are a lot cheaper than some books with more content.

Collins Revision Number on the App Store

Collins Revision Algebra on the App Store

Past papers

Challenging yourself with past papers is a good way to revise for any subject, and Maths is no different. Once you know your exam board, check out their website for some past papers to practice before marking yourself:

AQA past papers

OCR past papers

Edexcel Past Papers

WJEC past papers


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    Thanks – that’s a pretty useful set of links! Personally I think the revision websites are more useful when it comes to maths revision – I’d never use apps… You can check out our guide to maths success here: http://oxbridgeblog.com/how-to-get-an-a-star-in-maths/ What do you think?