What are the most popular A Levels? You may be surprised!

The latest stats on the Most Popular A Level subjects and least popular A Level courses have been revealed, and the perhaps are perhaps surprising.

Most popular A Levels

The majority of the most popular A Level Subjects are the traditional ones with Maths leading the way, account for around 20% of all A Level Exams taken.

Art and Design is however extremely popular too and is in fact the second most popular A level choice overall.

Biology is the third most popular with Chemistry in fourth while Psychology is in fifth.

History and English Literature are the sixth and seventh most taken subjects just ahead of General Studies, although this course is often required to be taken by students in many colleges.

Geography and Physics round off the list of most popular subjects, both being taken by around 8% of students.

Least popular A Level subjects

The least popular A Level choices are dominated by foreign languages, in many cases the uptake is so low that they officially register 0%.

These subjects include Bengali, Welsh, Dutch, Gujarati, Hindi and Panjabi.

If we exclude such language courses however it gets a bit more interesting.

Electronics, Archaeology and Ancient History come out as some of the least popular A level subjects.

Of course all of the A level courses mentioned in this section are quite rare with not many colleges offering them which may well explain their lack of uptake.

Source: Cambridge Assessment