New Years resolutions for Students: Six things to do improve grades

It’s January 1 and that means it must be time for an obligatory New Years post.

As we all recover from last night’s celebrations, thoughts are unfortunately already turning to returning to School, College and University… and exams.

With that in mind, here are six New Years resolutions you can make this month to help boost your grades.


Get into a routine

Once those new years celebration hangovers have departed, begin the year by getting yourself into a good routine. Start with trying to get a regular good night’s sleep – aim for at least eight hours – and avoid letting yourself stay in bed in the mornings.

Get organised

Get yourself organised before the new term starts, from your books to your stationary. Make sure your pencil case has all of the essentials, from pens to highlights and a calculator. Check your reading list, if applicable, to make sure you’ve got all the right books you need for the next few weeks and complete any of the required reading before the new term starts.

Recap last year’s work

Set a aside a day or two to go back over the work you completed last year, in particular anything you may have started just before Christmas. Whether this is about revision, proofreading essays or recapping how to calculate trigonometric functions: Chances are the Christmas and New Years holidays have taken their toll on your brain!

Get revising

Revision isn’t something that needs to start just before your exams, getting into the habit of doing ongoing revision as you learn is a top way of making sure you understand the content and it fully sinks in. Test yourself on the topic and create future revision aids such as flashcards now while it’s all still fresh in your mind.

Keep up with assignments

Vow to yourself to keep up with homework and reading. Getting behind gives you less time, leads to stress and makes for rushed work. This doesn’t mean you have to complete that 3,000 word essay within 24 hours of getting it, just don’t keep putting it off until the point you’re forced into a RedBull-powered all nighter.

Actually attend lectures

It can be tempting to skip classes, but try your absolute best to avoid it: Even if you consider them pointless and useless. Attending all of your lectures will help you get into a good long-term routine and help your learning. While notes and slides may be available online, there’s plenty of extra help given to those that are actually in class, such as being able to ask questions and getting tips on the exam.