A Level results day 2014: 6 ways to pass time

A Level results day 2014 is next week on August 14, but how do you to pass the time waiting and avoid panic?


Get ready

Your 2014 A Level results can be picked up in a number of ways, from UCAS’ Track system to in hand at your college. If you’re going to pick up your results in person, make sure you know when and where and how you’re going to get there – note that buses may not be running the same timetables outside of term time.

While results will be available online and using the UCAS system, remember that these both have a habit going down on results day for obvious reasons: It may therefore be easier and quicker for you to go to your college anyway!

Make a Plan B

While you probably don’t want to be thinking about it going wrong at this point, you should consider drawing up a plan b to avoid total panic if everything doesn’t quite turn out how you expected it to.

Look into the UCAS Clearing process so you know what to expect and how it all works should you need to go through it after your results.

Look at lolcats

Alternatively, take your mind off the matter completely by aimlessly browsing the web, comforting yourself with lolcats.


Exercise is a great and healthy way to pass the time. Not only can it help you distract yourself from worrying but it’ll also tire yourself out and help you sleep if you’re struggling the night before!

Talk to your friends

If you’re still stressing out a bit then chat to your friends: Chances are they’ll be having similar feelings and frets so you won’t feel so alone. You’ll also find that time goes so much more faster when you’re passing it with others!

If friends fail then turn to family, you probably have at least one member who’s been through it all before.

comfort eat

Comfort eat

If you’re friends aren’t helpful, turn to the fridge and comfort eat your way through the night. After all that exercise, you’ve earned it after all.