6 revision techniques other than reading

Revision needn’t be just cramming as much reading in as you can: Here’s six other ways to revise so you will no longer be wanting to slam your head into your desk!

Presentations & slides

Watching presentations allows you recap in quite a lot information very quickly in easy to remember bitesize chunks. At least, hopefully! Chances are you’ll have slides from your classes available, but you should also check out the brilliant SlideShare website to see if you can find slides from other sources.

Learn to speed read

Okay, this one is still reading, but with a slight difference: Speed reading helps you take on board information from text more quickly, allowing you to revise more in the same 30 minute session you’ve set for yourself. See our guide on how to speed read



Teaching others is perhaps one of the best ways to not only revise and learn yourself. Get with a group of friends and see who needs help on what topics and those teach each other or as a group. You can also grab a friend or family member who doesn’t do your course and give them a lesson to help your revision.

Make a jigsaw

Yes: Make yourself a puzzle. This is a great way of learning and testing yourself on definitions or formulas in particular. Create up a sheet of paper with the words or formula on the left and their explanations on the right, then cut it all up, mix up the pieces and make sure you can connect the right formula or definition with the explanation.

Record revision notes

Make your own lectures with a Voice Memo or similar app on you phone, tablet or computer. Record your own spoken revision notes to listen back to in future, even walking to the exam! You may also find that speaking your revision also helps it sink it more.

watching videos

Watch videos

Videos are great for getting to grips with tough topics that are hard or simply impossible to revise from with notes alone. There are plenty of YouTube channels dedicated to providing revision videos on pretty much every course so give it a search when you’re next revising… just don’t get distracted by cute cat videos!