Revise for a presentation: 7 ways to give a killer slideshow


Few people actually like having to give a presentation but you may need to if you want a top grade.

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Taking a nap helps to improve memory, so there’s your excuse


Now you’ve got the perfect excuse to nap with totally legit scientists proving it’ll help your memory.

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How NOT to revise: 3 revision mistakes we’ve all made


Exam revision isn’t just about doing it right, it’s also about not doing it wrong and with that in mind here are three mistakes we’ve all made when revising. Not taking breaks If you just try and cram in as much revision as you possibly can then there will always come a point where none […]

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AS level business studies revision notes: Promotion methods


Here’s our one-stop AS Level revision guide to Promotion methods in business studies.

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12 exam worries ALL students have before their A Levels


We’ve all had those exam worries and nerves so don’t worry, you’re not alone!

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Maths A Level revision: The trapezium rule


The trapezium rule, one of A Level math’s more bizarre, weird and unfortunately time consuming subject areas.

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Critical thinking revision: A guide to flaws – AS level revision notes!

critical thinking as level revision

AS level critical thinkers listen up, here’s your one stop shop for revision notes and guides to flaws for your exams this year.

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Physics A Level revision: Kinematic equations

Physics A Level revision Kinematic equations

The fun bit of physics: AS and A level revision of kinematic equations for use in mechanics and projectiles. Looking at displacement, velocities, acceleration and time taken for bodies to move.

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Physics revision: EMF, internal resistance and calculating internal resistance

EMF internal resistance

Internal resistance: WTF is it and why does it make everything so awkward? In our latest A level Physics revision session we’ll be looking at what EMF and internal resistance is and how to calculate them from graphs.

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Maths revision: Vector equation of a line and the intersection of two lines

Vector equation of a line

It’s everybody’s favourite: AS and A level maths revision of vectors, YAY! Here we’re looking at the vector equation of a line, converting between vector form and cartesian form and the intersection of two lines.

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