Goodbye to As and A*s and hello to Grade 7 and 8s

GCSE grades will ditch their current A*-E grading system in favour of a numbered system in 2015.

The government announced plans this week to revamp the GCSE exams in a number of ways.

Amongst the recommendations are the ditching of modular exams, with one single exam taken at the end of the year, and the removal of marked coursework from most courses.

All students will take the same paper, with no ‘Lower’ or ‘Higher’ versions, except for Maths and Science subjects.

And in English, pupils will deal with a lot more literature, including at least one full Shakespeare play.

A Department for Education source told The Telegraph newspaper: “GCSEs will again be exams at the end of two years instead of being broken up into low quality modules. Coursework, corrupted by cheating, will be limited.

“Exams will test higher level skills – such as more essay writing, problem-solving and mathematical modelling – that universities and businesses desperately need.”

The most obvious change will come in the form of the grades, which will now be numbered from 1 to 8, with 8 being the top mark and 1 the lowest.

But the exams will still be referred to GCSEs, rather than I-levels as previously rumoured.