Exam preparation: How best to get ready for your exams

Exam season is just around the corner and once your revision is done and the test is tomorrow, here’s our guide to getting ready from the night before.

Don’t drink or binge

It should really go without saying, but have a night in! Don’t go out or drink booze, and avoid unhealthy or junk foods.

It’s only one night, and once the exams are over you’ll have all the summer to celebrate.

Get some sleep!

Go to bed early and make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Sleep – a healthy 7-8 hours – can help with memory recall, alertness and your general health and well-being. To this end, avoid stimulants like sugary energy drinks and caffeine before bed!

Know when and where you have to be

Make sure you know all about your exam the night before including details about the time you need to be there and of course exactly where you need to be.

It may be a location you’re already familiar with, but make sure! If you don’t recognize the room then do your research so you know where to go come exam day.

Check your equipment

Check you’ve got all the right equipment ready for your test, from the basics such as pens and pencils to things like calculators and even notes or worksheets you may need or be allowed to take into the exam room.

On the day…

Start with a healthy breakfast

On the morning of your exam day, start with a hearty breakfast, even if your exam is not until the afternoon. Brain fuel like oatmeal, fruit or eggs will help get yourself into gear, as opposed to sugar filled branded cereal.

Drink plenty of water

Take a bottle of water into your exam with you to keep you hydrated and your brain functioning. Take a sip in between each question but don’t overdo it, you don’t want to waste time by having to go to the toilet!

After the exam

The good news is that you’re done! You can’t change anything now, so don’t worry about. Don’t be tempted to rush and check your answers, the best thing is to relax and then begin the final part of your revision for any other exams.